Dappervolk ~ Adventuring Guide

Wenn ihr ein Abenteuer startet, wählt ihr zunächst ein kleines Avatar aus welches euren Spirit symbolisiert. hier habt ihr die Auswahl zwischen 4 Farben.

Während eure kleine Figur den Weg entlang hüpft, können euch NPC’s begegnen die euch kleine Rätsel stellen.
Ein Beispiel: “Can you solve this riddle? What grows, has skin, thrives in the light, but isn’t a person?” Antwort: grünes Symbol.

Um zu Antworten klickt ihr auf eines der Symbole:

Symbole: Gelb, Rot, Grün, Blau

Hier ein paar Hinweise wofür die Symbole stehen können:

Tenacity: Mensch, Ausdauer, Hoffnung, Zeit, Gelb

Honor: Tier, Herz, Loyalität, Richtung, Rot, Blut, Freundlichkeit

Charm: Elf, Freundschaft, Lügen, Grün, Pflanzen

Comprehension: Galactic, Wissen, Sterne, Blau, Wasser, Universum, Licht, Verstehen

Um einem der NPC’s zu antworten habt ihr jeweils eine Minute Zeit bis euer Spirit automatisch weiter läuft.

Die Belohnung sahen bisher wie folgt aus:

  • Items und kleine mengen an Kartoffeln
  • Zusätzliche Statuspunkte

Hier findet ihr ein kleines Lösungsbuch zu den Fragen: Stand 11.03.2018
Solltet ihr neue Fragen und passende Lösungen kennen postet sie doch gerne in die Kommentare um die Liste zu vervollständigen!

Tenacity = Gelb  |  Honor = Rot  |  Charm = Grün  |  Comprehension = Blau

Dappervolk - Adventure

AA battle on the horizon
A soldier stands steadfast with her spear
You cannot kill the brave one
Who fights like dawn is near
Which am I?
AAdventure-tales can be a relief to get through; what colour paints the surface beneath fluttering sails?
AA million tiny lights all glow and punctuate the night’s endless dark. How lovely it is to know that, of millions, we can tell each one apart. Which am I?
AAn inexplicable sign from an unconventional mind, what am I?
AA riddle! Down and down we go!
Twisting, turning to and fro!
A view to skew what you know and knew,
Dizzy yet? We're almost through!
Where are we?
AA riddle! Every rose is a sunset for the eye. I’m the color Nature chose to not be shy!Rot
AA riddle for you: Dripping deep in the heart, it flows, trickles through the cracks, and glows. What is it?Rot
AA riddle for you: I fall, touch the earth, and die - yet once again I rise. What am I?Blau
AA riddle! What color sings out when springs out, out when birdsong rings out?Grün
AAs a canary knows a coal mine
as a rooster knows the dawn
I hear a question and its answer
I am almost never wrong
Which am I?
AAs endless as the sea
As hopeful as the sky
I am every single sadness
I am there when you cry
Which am I?
AA whisper in the wind you barely hear
A night sky filled with questions
The flower blooms for a reason
Which am I?
BBe it four legs, or one; twenty-five or three
I skitter, hop, slink, and pop as far as the eye can see!
Nature is home
Across it I roam
What am I?
BBooks and scrolls all bound and creased
Histories and recipes for finest feast
Time growing me will best any beast
What am I?
CCan you solve this riddle? What grows, has skin, thrives in the light, but isn’t a person?Grün
CChange can hurt, but bear the storm.
When the wind's done whipping up sand,
the weather will be gold and warm
and you'll find a new path on which to stand.
Which am I?
CClose your eyes and imagine this!
Grass to graze on,
Pastures and fields under bare, muddy feet:
Color me blind, but what hue should I use for where cloven animals bleat?
EEnergy ebbs and flows through all
Like heat in home, song in hall
The universe roams come night or day
Stardust in your soul will always stay
FFall is red and spring is vernal
Learn from the resting winter ground;
though nature's beauty is eternal
no plant can bloom all year round.
no cactus flower herb or bean
nor human, animal, or elf
is ever truly evergreen
so be gentle to yourself! Which am I?
FFeathers, hides, skins, and furs
Mother Nature shares what's hers
But treat these gifts with respect
Balance is what herders protect
FFeet on the earth, look to the air
you’ll never see it on the ground.
After rain it’s often there.
When you find it go five colors down. Which am I?
FFire burns in many hues,
silver and sapphire, ruby and gold.
The hottest blaze is winter's blue
the reddest glow is the most cold.

So why do we think of heat as red
when blue's the hotter counterpart?
Because its gentle fire that bakes our bread,
And comforts our body, soul, and heart.
Which am I?
HHello, a riddle for you. I’m something life can’t live without. What am I?Blau
HHello, a riddle for you. The sun keeps everything alive, but even the stars cannot live without me. What am I?Rot
HHello, a riddle here! Millions of realities make a trillion bits of dirt and gas meet in numbers that hurt your head as energy combines into massive balls of light and heat. What am I?Blau
HHello, here's a riddle. Who is your guide and bright-souled friend, still to be followed long after they're dead?Blau
HHello, I have a riddle here. Something impossible to reach, and yet all around you. What is it?Gelb
HHello, I have a riddle here. What is coveted by one animal, yet always protected by many?Gelb
HHere's a riddle for you. A peddler sells you magic boots that make you run farther than you ever could before, but you can't use them to escape. You ask what kind of magic the boots are enchanted with. What is his answer?Rot
HHere's a riddle: I have a beginning but no end, a size but no value, three eyes but no lashes. What am I?Gelb
HHere's a riddle, I'll keep trying even after a hundred failures. What am I?Gelb
HHere's a riddle! I'm as magical as sorcery, as glamorous as grace; yet wielding me takes more than a pretty face! What am I?Grün
HHere’s a riddle. In me, you’ll always be without direction; I am remorseless, unceasing collection. What am I?Grün
HHere's a riddle for you. A sunflower grows seeds, yummy golden treats! Who needs superpowers if one eats what one sows? A farmer is one lucky fellow: his favorite color?Gelb
HHere's a riddle for you. Treasured, hoarded, measured, and awarded: what am I?Gelb
HHere's a riddle for you: What lies in wait for the mathematical
mind to find, unbound from conventional knowledge,
to find?
HHere's a riddle: What loses ground, but keeps time?Gelb
HHoney takes determination
from every single golden bee.
They can’t give up on its creation
or cut corners with the quality.
Which am I?
H How about a riddle? Toss a stone into a pond, and watch the water; I'll respond. What am I?Grün
HHow many bits between one and two?
Between two mirrors, how many reflections will you view?
With riddles like these, counting takes a vacation
What's the answer, then? Add imagination!
iI beat and breath, I skip and break
I'm not a record, I'm not a drum
What am I?
iI enter like a thief, at the window of your mind alighting; it's been long since I visited last; I never listen when you call. But still, I'm welcomed - I always bring something exciting. And you come happily into my thrall. Who am I?Blau
i I fall, touch the earth, and die - yet once again I rise. What am I?Blau
iIf you die with this, you never truly end
The people paint and write your stories
Tales of swords and spears
And all your former glories
Which am I?
i I have a riddle for you! A little home for a little mind, and only slime trails left behind. What am I?Grün
iI have a riddle for you. Seeking, finding, learning, minding, on a journey ever winding: who am I?Blau
iI know you are coming but cannot hear you
And eat but do not swallow
You marvel at my majesty
But cower at the hollow
Which am I?
iI repeat unerringly,
changes coming sparingly;
Yet, do not despair in me,
lest you lose your clarity.
What am I?
iI’m something life can’t live without, what am I?Blau
iIn myths, they say the wisest are immortalized in the night sky
so that they can guide beyond their years
and educate after they die
which am I?
iIt lights our spirits in times of trouble
Its sight stops crimes from creeping by
As injustices mount without reasons why
What salvages goodness from the rubble?
iI've got a riddle for you! An inexplicable sign from an unconventional mind, what am I?
i I've got a riddle for you! If you nourish the earth, I will always return, what am I?Grün
L Let our glow guide you below to all directions you seek
Just remember where we shine: our positions change
by the hour, day, and week!
LLife unravels as travels turn inward
The gravel of time is scattered windward
Your footsteps recurve, over and over again!
If this is a cycle, how does it halt, and when?
What are you in?
L Like sunshine sparkling on the sea, pushing to the plants below, humans don’t stop when the path is steep, because there’s amazing things to help grow. Which am I?Gelb
LLoyal to the very end,
and loving from the day you met,
always’ have been man’s best friend, as much partner as is pet
Which am I?
MMy brain can sail through time and space
My blood can pump from toes to face
But flaws in plans fill me with sorrow
I regret the past, and fear tomorrow
What am I?
NNo matter how the earth has turned
the stars are the same when you look
just like the knowledge in a book,
steadfast, waiting to be learned.
Which am I?
NNot cactus, flower, herb or bean, nor human, animal, or elf, is ever truly evergreen, so be gentle to yourself! Which am I?Grün
NNow that you’re here, look to your right
Or left; choose one, but don’t delay.
You mustn’t stay here until night,
Lest the fair folk come and spirit you away.
Where are you?
OOur songs fall silent on this frosted glen, echoes of another when. What can echoes teach us now? Look around, Friend, and find out how.Grün
OOur stories shine like gold
our hope stems from lives lived well,
but without each other's ears to tell
What fun is growing old?
What are we?
PPaws and claws and teeth and tails
sniffs and kisses from a wet nose,
fur and fluff and beaks and scales,
and teeny tiny bean-like toes!
Which am I?
RRiddle me this: I'm your best bet
Your ally-maker, your charisma set,
Your confidence-faker: I'll lead you from harm
What am I?
RRiddle Time!
Cause and effect; connect the dots right and left!
Follow the branches as options cleft out of sight
Only to pause, lose track, and re-link despite
Crossing back like Dawn chasing Night’s theft.
RRiddles, riddles, riddles:
At the bottom of worrying, truth;
But without me, you'll find no proof as the mind fiddles and frets
What am I?
SSee if you can solve this riddle. All around me, only space, and stars make up my brilliant face. What am I?Grün
S See if you can solve this riddle. All around me, only space, and stars make up my brilliant face. What am I?Grün
SSwords and slings clamored;
Armor singing, heroes hammered!
When fear of battle strikes the soul
What keeps one bound upon their role?
TTake a cloth of midnight blue
hold it taunt before a light
take a pencil, poke it through
and in your hands you'll hold the night.
the more you poke the pencil in
you'll make the shapes sailors rely on
two bears, a bull, a set of twins
two dogs, a crab, and a lion
what am i?
TTears and scrapes derail out goals.
With whips and scorns does bad luck crack!
But as triumph and failure both unpack,
How does a hero balance these roles?
TThe fair folk flocked through
Sacred meadow and dale
Though we are long-gone now
You may still learn from out tale
What were we?
TThe horizon calls, adventure awaits
Today’s the day we find our fates!
But adventurers are fools without following through
Nothing finishes without me: It’s true!
What am I?
TThe golden sand drips through the hourglass, with hope of joy and fear of sorrow, but either way the time will pass, one today is worth two tomorrows! Which am I?Gelb
TThe miles and years cannot hold me
The reign of winter melts at my touch
The hope of another summer molds me
Much like lovers, fools, and such!
What am I?
TThe smell of apples, the burning beat of war drums: what color grapples with a passion that hums?Rot
TThe stars do not ask how it is they came to be
The planets do not ponder their place in the sky
For knowledge, new and ancient, is within
We need only ask ‘why?’
Which am I?
TThe sun bows its head
As the lion lifts her gaze
All who see her give her praise
Which am I?
TThe way to the heart with words so sweet, Sugar in the soul, honey in the tea, For you, I would do anything, What am I????
TThey say the mountain can't be climbed
I say I only need a rope
They say to give up now
But I won't while I have hope!
Which am I?
TThey say the reason animals
do not live as long as man is that they already understand
from birth how to be kind to all
Which am I?
T Time for a riddle! Underneath you'll find a treasure, though my depths are beyond measure. What am I?Blau
TTiny points of heat and lights
A glowing patchwork over the night
Can your wishes reach so far?
If you believe, catch us in a jar!
What are we?
TToss a stone into the water, and I'll respond. What am I?Grün
TTry your hand at this riddle: Alone by mortal hands I fall,
yet they be my disciples all. What am I?
TTry your hand at this riddle: Unclipped I fly, unbound I run,
earth beneath my feet and above me, the sun.
What am I?
UUnderneath you'll find treasure, though my depths are beyond measure. Who am I?Blau
VVast as the sea, strong as the tide
Its forces pull Creation along for the ride!
A universe expanding as eons increase
Look the the sky! Wonders never cease
What is it?
WWant a riddle? I collect friends like Buli collects Bearnard’s turnips. Who am I?Grün
WWant a riddle?
What does Bearnard become when he finds his turnips have been stolen?
WWhen friends cross shores to get better
When months go by without a letter
When good times never restart
Hold onto memories with your...
WWho is your guide and bright-souled friend, still to be followed long after they're dead?Blau
YYou can't fix your hair with honeycomb
And corn cannot hear with it's ear
But to those who call the sky their home
These confusing names are crystal clear
Which am I?
YYou there, lass or fellow! What color is sand, amber, and brass?Gelb


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